Sneak Peek into YG’s Black Bag

The “All-in-one” Toolbox of Pro Makeup Artist

– What is inside your heavy black bag? What secret it keeps?
I have been asked these questions many times. Today I want to reveal the secret, let’s have a sneak peek into YG’s black bag!

Makeup toolbox - Black bag of Makeup artist

Makeup toolbox – Black bag of Makeup artist

I often go out to different locations in Bali for fashion or bridal makeup work. As a professional makeup artist I always want to bring all my cosmetics with me. But it is impossible to pack everything in a suitcase, so I bring a dedicated toolbox containing things I may need on each step of the makeup process.

Primer, Foundation, Powder, Bronzer, Blusher, Finisher. Each comes in 3 colors: Light, Medium, and Dark.
All clients have individual skin tone such as Tan Brown, Light Pink, Light Yellow etc. As we can not know it for sure in advance, for a perfect makeup we need to mix colors to ensure the natural skin tone corresponding to the client skin. As a makeup artist you always have to stay on the safe side. You don’t want your client’s beautiful face to look covered with a mask, right?

Another must-have component to bring to makeup location is Eye Shadow palettes that correspond to the event theme or makeup style. Then, an eyeliner.

Red, Pink, Orange are the basic colors! You can mix them up with some nude color and add a bit of lipgloss to make lips look nice and sexy.

Eye Lashes
There is a wide variety of eyelashes types, because all woman have different eyes. Especially here in Bali I have to deal with two client types: Asian and Western women who have completely different eyes structure. Long, Short Natural, Less, Thick – these are must-have! The certain type of eyelashes depend on the event, client age and eyes structure.

Cotton bud, eye makeup remover, a tissue, spons – keep it all with you for adjusting your makeup work.

And, the last but not least is…

I have many different sets of brushes but my favorite ones are always with me. They are easily accessible thanks to my small “Doctor Case” purse. Take a look:

Makeup toolbox

Makeup toolbox

And speaking of the secret, Fingers! Yes, my fingers are my secret makeup tool, I call them the “unhairy brush“! ;)

Check out before / after pics of my makeup works. Hope you enjoy it!

Be Pretty, Be Confident, Be Yourself!