Makeup Artist Without Makeup Brush

Sounds ridiculous huh?

But once I got that awkward moment and I want to share this experience with you.

One day I was asked by Cosmopolitan Magazine to do a make over. Ironically, the photoshoot location happened to be pretty far from my studio and I had to start driving early. I finished the check list with my assistant by 6am and headed to the spot. Though I arrived in time as planned, at the moment I was about to take on makeup routine, I realized that oh my goodness noooo, the black bag I use to carry all my professional tools in… is missing!!! Lost? Stolen? No way… I remember I asked my assistant to put it into my car. I did, right? Or I didn’t? Anyway it was not there and I was lost and helpless many miles away from my studio.


I can’t deny the moments like that can be very discouraging. But come on, – I told myself. – You girl are a professional. Being a professional means control the situation, right?

And I started to apply foundation with my hands… It was an unusual feeling, but little by little the result I imagined came out. Further I went on with finger-based eye shadowing. You won’t believe, but I enjoyed both the process and the result! This is how I all of sudden discovered a new technique!

What I learned that day is any time you face a difficulty, don’t panic. Whatever the situation might be, stay open-minded and keep improvising!

And an extra professional makeup tip: Cotton buds or lip gloss stick can help you to make a sexy line in your client lips ;)

Enjoy your artwork!