What It Means To Be a Makeup Artist

Daily Challenges of Professional Makeup

Makeup Artist in Bali

Makeup Artist in Bali

What professional makeup is about

Being a Makeup Artist is more than an occupation or a hobby. It is a passion. We create Beauty in a different way, we build up a different look, different side of view. Beauty is about perception, it depends a lot on how we see it. Professional makeup artist must identify client’s characteristics and understand precisely what does and does not fit them before letting brush dance on the skin. Always take enough care and remember: good makeup will cheer up your client, while wrong makeup can ruin everything.

Makeup artist should be sensitive to the client’s preferences and expectations regarding the final appearance. Firstly, the final look must express personality, emphasize the chosen personal style. Secondly, it should be suitable for the client’s costume and age as well as the event theme. Remember, the reason we do makeup is to make our client confident, not to satisfy ourselves!

Key challenges of professional makeup

– Eye Brow:
Most of clients don’t want to change their eyebrows even when it does not look good. They hesitate to change their habitual look because they worry if the new eyebrows fit them. Besides, your client may be unfamiliar with the way to draw eyebrow by themselves without help of makeup artist.

– Sense of Makeup
Usually clients who visit makeup artist don’t put any makeup. Most of them have limited knowledge about makeup basics. They just want to look pretty so they bring different pictures to show you the desired result and try to control and instruct you during the makeup process.

– Artist addicted
Sometimes Asian girls happen to ask: “I wanna look like Beyonce! Can you help me?” Or a Caucasian girl may want to transform herself into a Korean pop star with a few touches of the makeup brush. But come on ladies, this does not work that easily if you have completely different structure of eyes, nose, face bones, everything.

Tips and tricks for perfect makeup

– Listen to the Client
As a Makeup Artist, I understand that eyebrow is like an icon. We can’t let it be messy or imperfect. Still, clients come for their beauty look, for the confidence. You can not push them or decide for themselves. You don’t want them to pay you with grumpy face, right? What you need to do instead is to explain them how you are going to improve their look with a slight insignificant change of the eyebrow line. In order to perform the eyebrow modification neatly, just trim it a bit. Don’t even try to shave or cut it!

– Explain to the Client
Every makeup artist designing a certain appearance for either event or photoshoot has to be a good communicator. For the best result, you may need to convince the client who has short original eyelashes to do eyelashes extension for a dramatic photo. Or sometimes client refuse using eyeliner which is absolutely necessary for the desired result. You are the artist! You are knowledgeable about what is necessary or not and one of your roles is to suggest the best makeup solution for each particular case.

– Tell the truth
“Yes.” This is fatal answer when it comes to communication with the client. “Yes. Of course we can.” Some artists answer this even to something that is actually impossible. Seriously, how do you expect a Chinese girl with small eyes and chubby face to look like Beyonce? Tell your client the truth and explain them about the face structure. Suggest a better image. Play with your imagination when discussing desired makeup with the client. Help them understand what kind of look you think fits them well and make sure they agree and happy with your makeup work.

Be Pretty, Be Yourself, Be Confident…
Good luck!